Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Quad Squad

Isabella and Brigham fell in love with Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's quads last month. What 3-5 year old wouldn't. I just love how the list for the grandkids just keeps on growing; a bouncer, a waterslide, a set of tricycles, quads - Grandpa is gonna have to stop or they won't feel intimidated asking for the family corvette when they hit their teens:) We love you Mom and Dad - and the playland you provide for our little ones!
Two little beetle bugs sitting on a quad.


Melissa-Aaron said...

sooooo cute I love the adorable kiddos!

K-10 said...

Yeah! A new post! The kids sure have fun on the quads don't they? Dad asked how soon I thought they'd get bored from them. I said NEVER!


Yes - they have fun, but when the Checketts are around - oh - what a lot of damage can be done. I am having them sign a disclaimer saying that I am not responsible for anything they buy or give my children at their home. If it is otherwise damaged or broken by one of my children then no legal action can be taken against the said party. Everyone that agrees -say I.


Mom H said...

The Stewart place is turning into Disneyland. I'm just waiting for the rollercoaster to be installed.